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Posted on 06-19-2017

When I think of summer, I often daydream about more days outside enjoying nature, the warm sun on my skin (hello, Vitamin D) and certainly being more physically active!  As lovely as all of this sounds, we also tend to see more issues walk into your office because of these motivating moments… like wanting to shed extra weight (it's almost bikini season), sunburn from too much exposure, and aching joints and muscles from the extra activity. Read through this guide for helpful tips to prepare you and your family for summer-related issues!

I enjoyed the warm weather this past weekend, and I got burnt! This red skin tells me I do not have enough calcium and/or Vitamin F in my body. Our body produces Vitamin D when exposed to the sun's rays. The Vitamin D produced moves into the blood stream, and along with it goes calcium.  If we do not have sufficient calcium stored in the body, it's pulled from tissue - such as the skin. And if we do not have vitamin P (think P for permeability), the calcium we do have may not make it's way into the skin. This is when we burn!

Knowing how this works, there are things you can do to help lower your chances of getting burned. Make sure you take plenty of these two easy supplements before and during sun exposure: Calcium Lactate (increase serum calcium levels) + Cataplex F (fatty acids to help drive calcium into the skin). With this recent, warm and sunny change in the weather make sure that your sunscreen is clear of any hormone disrupting chemicals! http://www.ewg.org/sunscreen/

Purify & Cleanse for THAT SWIMSUIT 

With all of this warm weather are you ready for that swimsuit attire? if not consider something unconventional to offer up for that coveted bikini like our 21 Day Purification Program. This program is proven help your body restore, repair, and heal while you refrain from unhealthy and toxic foods. The Purification program is a great way to start a healthy habit (and loose those extra pounds in time for the swim season)!

How Is This Program Different From Any Other Diet?

The 21-Day Purification Program helps you start a healthier lifestyle by purifying and cleansing your body while teaching you proper eating habits to help you maintain a healthy body and weight. This program emphasizes whole food supplementation and a "whole foods" diet, providing your body with nutrient-rich foods. With that you get complex combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that protect your body and promote optimal health.Your body is flooded with nutrition while the cleanse helps purge built-up toxins, and you end up with a healthier palette! Pick up your kit today!

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