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Posted on 01-30-2018

If you haven't already tuned out any conversation about giving your children cough and cold medication when they're under the weather, this should do it. The Food and Drug Administration has strengthened its warning on prescription cold medicine, stating that no product containing opioid ingredients such as hydrocodone or codeine should be given to children – of any age. That's ages 0-17, in case you're wondering.

I have been informed that, "New language being added to warning labels on all prescription cold medicines will indicate that the risks of using the products outweigh the benefits in children and should only be used by adults ages 18 and older."

Even further, a consumer update on the FDA website titled "Most Young Children With a Cough or Cold Don't Need Medicine" makes its position abundantly clear, especially for the youngest (ages 2 and under); while a 2016 update, "Use Caution When Giving Cough and Cold Products to Kids," offers additional safety information and includes alternative treatments that may work better.

So what alternative treatments are recommended?

First and foremost, it is recommended to increase the amount of Vit A and Vit C. But before you run out to the Drug Store, understand that your child’s body needs these vitamins from whole food sources, which are rarely found in the supplements at the drug store. Instead, get a supplement called Congaplex® from Powersource Chiropractic. This supplement is packed with Vitamin A and C from whole food sources. This will give your child’s immune system the boost it needs to fight! Also, make sure your child is supplementing with Vitamin D3, a vitamin proven to enhance your body’s ability to fight the cold and the flu. Finally, decrease the amount of sugar during the cold as it decreases your child’s immune system and competes with vitamin c receptors in the body.

One last tip is to have your child’s spinal check up done. Research does show that when the spine is moving and working well, it decreases stress and increase immunity!

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