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Posted on 11-03-2017

It's no secret that Fall comes with traditional carb-heavy meals and sugar laden treats making us vulnerable to a host of health problems.

Starting with Halloween and on through the New Year, we are exposed to a deluge of sugar and carbs creating body-wide stress and inflammation. An immune system overburdened with sugars is not at its peak performance, and cannot effectively protect against infections like the common cold and flu.

STOP this cycle and those WICKED sugar cravings BEFORE they start by joining us for our group cleanse and purification November 3rd-23rd. This is a perfect 3 weeks before Thanksgiving to reset your hunger and sugar cravings, support your body's natural immune defenses and promote vitality.

Gain Control with a 10- or 21- Day Purification Program

Benefits to Purification the Whole Food Way:

Jumpstart Weight Loss                                          Boost Your Immune System

Improve Your Digestion                                          Increase Your Energy

Detoxify Your Liver and Kidneys                            Increase Your Physical Health

Support Your Nervous System Function                Increase Your Mental Clarity

Clear Up Your Skin                                                 Decrease Bloating

How Is This Program Different From Any Other Diet?

The Standard Process 21-Day Cleanse helps you start a healthier lifestyle by purifying and cleansing your body while teaching you proper eating habits to help you maintain a healthy body and weight. This program emphasizes supplements and whole foods, which nourishes your body with nutrient-rich foods and provides you with a complex combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that protect your body and promote optimal health.

What the Diet Entails:

Days 1-10: Unlimited vegetables, and fruits; moderate lentils, brown rice & quinoa 

Days 11-21: Same as days 1-10; ADD free range chicken and wild fish

Here is just one example of why Bobbi Conner, CNC says about it:

"Another client just finished the program and her blood sugar dropped to the 70-90 range after 3 days and never inched up.  She said it is a 'miracle!'  She had been on various medications and nothing was working.  She no longer craves sweets, feels very satisfied without munching all day long, is cooking and enjoying it, and she said her sense of taste has truly come alive!  She had an apple and it was almost too sweet!  She said even her sense of smell is enhanced and her brain feels more clear.  She wants to continue what she is doing and is excited to see her next lab results. As a side note, she lost 5 pounds and is thrilled about that as well!"

It's such small commitment (only 10 or 21 days), and it makes a big impact. Getting blood sugar under control can help a patient in so many ways: help stabilize mood, clear the mind, improve energy, enhance quality of sleep, the list can go on. Please ask us about this program on your next visit or pick up your kit today! Learn more at http://powersourcechiropractic.com/services---techniques/21-day-purification---cleanse.html

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